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Gas Processing: Gas sweetening

Gas Processing: Phase Separation

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Gas sweetening
Crude Oils Desalting Principle:
- Salt contents in crudes depend on residual water droplets after primary separation
- Injection and emulsif...
Gas dehydration
Process Principle
Glycol solvent stripping (instead of conventional gas stripping) allows: Higher glycol purities (up to 99.998 + % wt), Reduced...
Refrigerated methanol as absorption solvent : simple, non foaming, non corrosive
2 independent process steps :
Ifpex-1 for sim...
Phase Separation
- Efficient 3-phase separation
- Not affected by sea motion
- Split flow inlet
- Foam breakers
- Dual gas clean-up se...
Process Principle:
-Natural gas is washed with an aqueous redox catalytic solution
-H2S is converted into solid elemental sulfur

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