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Desalting and Dehydration of Crudes - Gas sweetening

Desalting and Dehydration of Crudes
Crude Oils Desalting Principle:
- Salt contents in crudes depend on residual water droplets after primary separation
- Injection and emulsification of dilution water
- Electrostatic coalescence of the emulsified droplets - Settling of larger drops

Main Features of Prosernat Electrostatic Coalescers:
- Several industrial references
- Certified power units
- Controlled emulsification
- Optimized emulsion distribution in the electric field
- High efficiency single or multi-stage applications:
- production applications: 20 PTB of salts / 0.5% BSW or less
- refinery applications: down to 0.5 PTB of salts / 0.1% BSW
PTB = Pound per Thousand Barrels
BSW = Basic Sediments and Water
Gas Processing Gas sweetening

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