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In addition to Electro-mechanical contracting activities, SAC has design/build capabilities which enable the provision of a wide range of services to the clients. SAC in-house staff consultant, with over than 40 years of experience, put its engineering expertise to use. Projects are evaluated, all available alternatives are reviewed and finally the right techniques that best suit each client are determined.

SAC Services department provide a broad commercial and industrial services to the clientele. Those services include new and retrofit service work, 24-hours emergency service work and system testing.
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SAC Systems covers the demand for engineering applications through procurement, installation and servicing of high quality customer- adapted products and solutions. For more than half a century SAC is serving the market providing one source of quality products and services. SAC is committed to continue providing leading solutions for its customers by introducing State-of-the-Art technologies.
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Chlorination Systems
Electrical Control panels
Pumping stations and systems
Scrubber Model EFLSS 36
Solid/Liquid separation
Surge Protection Vessels - Bladder type
Treatment Systems

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Neutralization Systems for Gas Chlorine Leakage
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