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Surge protection vessel made of high grade steel. The vessel is equipped with a bladder made of Polyurethane, which gives the highest resistance against rupture and stretching. The medium will be always inside the bladder. There is no direct contact between the medium and the vessel, which ensure a long lifetime for the system. Instrumentation to monitor both the pressure and the level inside the vessel will be integrated on the system. If requested, an alarming system (OPTIONAL) can be also integrated to indicate, wrong operational modes, on a central control panel. The vessel will be epoxy coated internally and externally. Also, the system can be equipped with a Pressure Transient Analysis System PTAS to monitor the variation of the pressure transient (OPTIONAL).

Surge Vessel - Bladder Type: Surge Protection Vessels - Bladder type

Volumes Dimensions Product # Price
   100 to 80,000 liters
As per design
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