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 Supplier 2G Products, FZC
Booster Surge vessel 40 M3 Volume: 40,000 liters Position: Horizontal Vessel Type: Bladder Type Bladder Material: Polyurethane Maximum Service Pressure: 10 Barg Structural Calculations at Temperature: 60 C Manufacture Code: Codap95 Internal Paint System: 3x35 microns epoxy (Endokote) External Paint System: 1x35 microns zinc Rich Primer (epoxy), 2x35 intermediate epoxy, 1x35 microns Finish Lacquer - RAL to be defined

Surge Vessel - Bladder Type: Booster Surge Vessel - Bladder Type 40 m3

Outlet Size Variation #2 Product # Price
   DN 400, PN 10
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