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SPE Paper 1-1 Gemsa Artificial Lift (Jet Pump) Case History
Paper Abstract 5/21/2005

Gemsa Field is located in the southern part of the Gulf of Suez, about 60 Km north of Hurghada City. The producing platform is 13 Km from the shore line. The platform was designed to serve as unmanned, none load bearing platform, therefore, all wells were initially completed to produce naturally form Nukhul formation.

The wells experienced quite flowing at about 25% water cut. Therefore it was mandatory to apply Artificial lift system in order to produce the field remaining reserves. Different types of Artificial lift study were performed. The applicability of such types of Artificial lift in Gemsa Field will be discussed in this paper. The Artificial lift system was applied through two phases, where jet pumping Artificial lift system has been chosen as the best among the other proposed systems.

Phase one included utilization of water flood water as power fluid was successfully used in September 2000 via 4" sub marine coiled tubing water flood line (length of 13 Km). Advantage and disadvantage of using water flood system as power fluid are discussed in this paper.

It was mandatory to upgrade the platform carrying capacities to carry the necessary equipment for the artificial lift system -as phase two- utilizing the produced oil as power fluid to activate the downhole jet pump.

Deck extension was successfully designed to serve as Heli-deck and at the mean time as working deck area. Moreover, well head extension was designed to accommodate jet pumping system.

The second phase of artificial lift project was to use artificial lift unit rented on temporary bases to produce two Gemsa wells (SE-10B & SE-5A).The success of utilizing the rented unit encouraged buying similar unit to replace the rented one.

Making use of the available rented power fluid unit, enables us to use water flood at higher capacity in order to improve reservoir recovery and increase the field production rates.

The paper discusses the surface and subsurface trouble shooting of problems facing the implementation of Gemsa artificial lift project in each phase.

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