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SG 300 Field Management To Push Technical Reservoir Limits
Paper Abstract 5/21/2005

SG 300 field is located in North Central Gulf of Suez and has been developed with four wells that are producing from Nubia 'C' quartz sandstone reservoir. Depletion has been commenced in 1970ís through the use of ESP pump as the more efficient Artificial lift for low API crude gravity, high water cut and high productivity index (PI) supported by an active water drive.

Despite the application of Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) system initially improved the field productivity, we experienced poor ESP run life as a result of over-estimating the designed PI of the reservoir that cause down-thrust wear problems. Also, some sand during production and/or debris left after peroration that cause plugging to the pump intake. Decision was made to improve pump run life and minimize costs. This was accomplished by integrating field automation system with real time data, lower pump size and minimize the total power requirements to allow all four motors in the field to operate with the available supplied electricity by the existing facilities.

Installing Scada automation system by equipping each well with multi-sensor gauge interfaced by Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) that requires a dedicated isolated transformer rather than two wells was sharing on one transformer in the past. The Real time detecting failure symptoms and prompt response to changing well conditions can reduce future pump failures and increase the pump efficiency.

Downsizing the ESP pumps based on better estimate of PI enables us to increase pump run life by protecting them from severe down thrust and consequently reduce the Artificial lift investment cost for not purchasing an additional gas generator to put the forth well back on line by lowering the total power requirements.

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