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Relative Permeability & Wettability from Capillary Pressure & Electrical Resistivity Measurements
Paper Abstract 5/22/2005

Capillary pressure and relative permeability characteristics of a reservoir rock are usually determined using core analysis. In the absence of representative core sample resistivity log-derived water saturation in the transition zone may be used to determine capillary pressure curve and in turn relative permeability characteristics from petrophysical correlations. Most of the previous researches investigated the relative permeability from steady state and unsteady–state techniques. The technique of measuring relative permeability using resistivity measurements is rare or an absent. The representatively of this latter approach used to be examined.

The main objective of this work is to determine relative permeability from resistivity measurements and compare it with relative permeability obtained from capillary pressure data using the same cores. Also we are seeking in which models used for calculating relative permeability from capillary pressure realize a best fit match with relative permeability obtained from resistivity measurements. In addition, determine types of wettability from resistivity measurements. Results and analysis indicates that the capillary pressure and resistivity measurements result in significantly different irreducible water saturation values. This in turn results in substantially different relative permeability characteristic curves. Also the comparison shows that equation xxxxx is close to experimental values of wetting phase relative permeability and equation xxxxx is the best fit match with relative permeability obtained from resistivity measurements of nonwetting phase relative permeability. But equations xxxxx, xxxx, xxxx are far from the experimental results. Wettability determination using water saturation exponents, water saturation and irreducible water saturation. To confirm and reproduce, these interesting finding warrant additional measurements on different rock types. Keywords: capillary pressure, irreducible water saturation, relative permeability and electrical resistivity.

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